Our values

our Vision and Mission

Discard is one of the main problems of our planet. It is a problem that affects us all and we can all do our part to solve it together.


Krill Design proposes a Green Economy model that combines the need to recycle waste and the creation of the new one by leveraging on Circular Economy, Technological Innovation and Creativity.


Maximum transparency and profound knowledge of the subject are part of our way of being.


We want to grow but we care how: the relationship with the customer must be a partnership a Win Win relationship, in which all the parties at the end of a project just want to start a new one.

Where we feel we have created something useful together.


Identifying the customer's needs, supporting but also suggesting and taking the project to the end requires sensitivity, time and the desire to be part of something good. We this desire we give our all!

Image by Rodrigo Flores

The team

We are a team that makes use of diversified personalities and skills.

We have a great desire to do and experiment.

We are always looking for perfection, pursuing those values that unite us: sustainability, love for nature and a passion for new technologies.


Martina Lamperti

Yack Di Maio

Ivan Calimani

Maurizio De Caro

Giulia Giglio

Project Manager &

Design Coordinator

R&D Director



Art Director

Key Account Manager


Domiziana Illengo

Sofia Duarte

Victoria Rodriguez Schon

Marco Di Maio

Marketing &


Product Designer

Product Designer

Operation Manager