the orange lamp

We designed the first lamp in the world,

completely circular, from orange peels

the design revolution

Regenerated, organic and 3D printed, in a completely circular cycle.

Ohmie answers the need for a  better way to manage waste  of the food chain and the need to innovate design so that "sustainable" stops being just an adjective and becomes the norm.


The material

Through research we have developed this new innovative material.

From the union of orange peels and a biopolymer base, a velvety and robust material is born, 100% natural and compostable, which preserves a strong memory of its origin .

gif printing 4 square.gif

The design

Ohmie is designed in synergy with nature , to offer you a unique experience.

From the orange peel texture of the outer surface, to the subtle layers of 3D printing and its smell, Ohmie takes us on a journey through the senses .

Made from a single body, Ohmie is specially designed to use as little material as possible, be as light as its ecological footprint and have a perfectly angled beam to illuminate your workspace. 

IMG_8757 b.jpg

Ohmie's origin

Born during the pandemic to illuminate working days when they seemed darker to us.

Made thanks to a common commitment of an international community of people who share with Krill Design the desire to see sustainability as an integral part of the life of all of us .

The reward crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is launched in the summer of 2021 and below are the names of the people who have believed in the project since Ohmie was just a sketch on paper.


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