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from Nature, eco-design products

We create white-label eco-design products, using biomaterials from the Circular Economy, revaluing waste from the food chain (orange peels, coffee grounds, etc.).

Each object is modeled by our designers and produced on request based on your needs.


Thanks to innovative processes oriented towards the Circular Economy, we have developed exclusive and new generation biomaterials, biodegradable and compostable, that tell the story of a circular journey undertaken by the waste of the food chain.


Biomaterials, deriving from nature, which speak of sustainability and allow us to look at organic waste as precious resources: a value integration chain in which every simple choice and every small gesture of everyone makes the difference.


Biomaterials are transformed into products that preserve the memory of their origin in the colors and textures.

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Tell us about your need and we will be able to realize it in white label eco-design products and supplies, designed for you by our team of designers.


We model the products on the identity and culture of your brand to allow you to differentiate yourself and promote your brand awareness.


Designers dedicated to you to design products to be included in your catalogs, in sales points, in marketing campaigns, awards and merchandising campaigns.


Creativity guides our choices and each product for us is a message of awareness on issues of respect and protection of the environment in a continuous dialogue between green and design. You too can participate in spreading this message!


From the wise link of ideas and biomaterials, from the encounter between ethical and aesthetic demands, products with new lines and organic intertwining are born, a combination of circular economy, industry 4.0 and creativity

Our solutions



We transform waste into valuables reducing your impact in CO2 emissions

We manage all stages of the process: from the initial need to the final product

We design, customize and create any product, even in small quantities

We produce using digital manufacturing technologies using 3D printing



Effective storytelling, media attention and project communicability


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