Project for Autogrill





Waste recycling of

freshly squeezed orange juice

1. Autogrill

Development of the biomaterial

from scraps of oranges

2. Biopolymer

Production on demand

with digital manufacturing

3. 3D printing

Sachet holder from

sugar and stools

4. Products

scarti di arance
stampa 3d
biomateriale da scarto di arance
porta zuccheri Autogrill
Image by Rinck Content Studio

The design objects conceived and created for Autogrill tell a story: that of their origin,

of a Green model in which every waste

becomes a resource to create

something new

The need

Recycle the waste of orange juice to create ecological products that are functional to business needs.

Communicate the sustainability of the brand.


The solution

Transforming orange peels into a biomaterial with which to produce, through 3D printing, furnishing accessories for 4,000 points of sale worldwide.

Thus was born the WasOrange project. A project that initially led to the creation of a sugar sachet holder and a stool.