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Sustainable design is circular

We transform recycled raw materials such as orange peels, lemon peels, and coffee scraps into Rekrill®: an innovative 100% organic and durable material

We thus make on-demand design objects with 3D printers to breathe new life into your environments, both at home and in the office


  • I AM

    The "I AM" collection is not only a celebration of our Mediterranean citrus, but also an opportunity to integrate sustainability into our daily lives.

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  • Ribera

    A collection of three products made from Rekrill® Orange, our exclusive biomaterial made from the recovery of orange peels.

    Each design object is meant to decorate the work area and preserve concentration

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  • Amalfi

    Inspired by primordial elements, the Amalfi collection is 3D printed and made of Rekrill Lemon®, an exclusive biomaterial developed from the recovery of the peels of Mediterranean lemons.

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  • Naples

    From the indispensable pleasure of coffee comes the first collection composed of accessories for living your spaces in harmony with nature.

    Each product also surprises the sense of smell with a light aroma with notes of coffee

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Sustainable design is called Rekrill ®

Rekrill® is the patented biomaterial with which we create our 100% biodegradable and compostable designer products. Thanks to Rekrill® we enhance natural resources and respect the environment: 1kg of Rekrill corresponds to 1kg of CO2 offset!

3D printing on demand

Our goal of zero impact meets 3D printing technology: we never create an object more than necessary while reducing waste to zeroEvery product that is made is designed to last and enrich your space


    We promote a Circular Economy process for a sustainable way of life


    We have patented a biomaterial developed from the recovery of raw materials


    The design that characterizes our collections is inspired by nature


    We never create an object more than necessary by reducing waste to zero

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Be inspired

  • Francesco Zelli

    "I am really pleased with my Ohmie lamp from Krill Design, both for its aesthetic beauty and for its focus on sustainability. Made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials, this lamp is a true example of eco-friendly design."

  • Andrea Mazzini

    "The lamp is beautiful and arrived very quickly. BRAVI!"

  • Laura Bruno

    "I appreciated that Krill Design is committed to creating eco-friendly products. I can only highly recommend the Ohmie lamp."

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